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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 26, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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string of suspicious fires that left 20 people homeless. a suspect on the loose, it sent one person to the hospital and left another. and the controversial concerns over the immigration laws. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. a little warmer you guys. that low is responsible for the cool down into yesterday and it is finally moving off into oregon and temperatures are sliding up a little bit not a lot, upper 60s and now they are back, the 80s, here is sal. it looks good getting up to
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the up until with no major problems and also the commute approaching the 580 interchange looks good. vets go back to the -- let's go back to the desk. they are searching for a man when he fell into the water at pier 32. police searched for several hours but there was no sign of this missing man. that sign is expected to resume after the sun comes up and we will have more in just about 30 minutes. firefighters say these fires are suspicious. tara moriarty is on the scene with whether or not this is the work of an arsonist. >> reporter: they are trying to figure out if this was indeed
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the work of an arsonist and in this complex, there was 'another fire over there earlier. it happened at 12:30 off koy drive sending several people running for safety. it started with a garbage can on fire and crews got it under control and it did take a little longer to put out the flames. the source started in a garbage can and the fire caught on the wall of the complex and people were forced out of the building. now the very first fire began midnight and self people were displaced, red cross is helping
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people find places to stay, and they will see if indeed these fires were connected. the fire will be out for several days and even if residents chose to go back into the building they will have to find other places to stay. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. firefighters took only a few minutes to stop a fire in oakland. it started at 11:00 last night on 86th avenue and international boulevard. firefighters had the flames under control in about 30 minutes. nobody was hurt and an electrical short started that fire. police are looking for a man who used a baseball bat to attack another man and the man crashed right in front of a good year tire store at about
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10:30 last night. the victim of that baseball bat suffered minor injuries. it happened on michelle drive, there was crime scene time at that location. deputies are talking to a woman believed to be the kidnapping victim. she was not physically hurt but this case may be tied to an earlier incident in berkeley where a man was spotted holding a hammer ordering a woman into a car. pled the 5th and refused to testify. will lynch was accused of beating reverand jerold linder. he testified saying he never molested will lynch. prosecutors say it was a lie
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and they brought up the issue of perjury and his attorney asked him to keep see leap. >> i can understand at this point, even if he knows, the risk is too great to continue to testify. >> reporter: tate the defense will ask for another mistrial. the judge has asked the jury to disregard testimony it has already heard. the controversial immigration law are weighing in on the supreme court law. there is the rights for the papers please and also the supreme court will rule thursday on the constitutionality of president barack obama's healthcare law. back in march, they held three hearings on the landmark and
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the very controversial measure held by congressional democrats. the challenge will focus largely on the law's requirement that most americans have to buy health insurance or pay a fine. hey, sal. we are easing back into it and we don't have a lot of major traffic problems, let's go back to southbound and the traffic continues to move along north and southbound on 880. it is a nice drive and we are off to a nice start getting into san francisco, if you are trying to get around the valley, that looks good let's go to steve. unclear skies, there goes the low, high pressure will build in slowly, not a lot, you
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can see a few systems rotating around that bigelow, that will keep things in check and high pressure will be our fair weather friend and it is tough to get this much cooler, by the way kevin youkilis set auction -- ukiah set a record low, we did get into the mid-80s for some, southwest, west at fso southwest san jose, even a westerly breeze out there to the big valley. 40s and 50s, down to 45, here we go again, there are some cool readings towards the north/south bay and east bay, it is already heading out northwest oregon and southwest into oregon, it will prevent it
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from getting too fast and pam said she enjoyed the 80s so we will bring those back slightly. again nothing outrageous, clear lake, pittsburgh brentwood, pleasanton 78, a little lower, but not too much. wood said red woods city, i think that fog is 0 on its way back and it will kick in especially as we go to the saturday and sunday timeframe. fire crews at the scene of an early morning blaze, the details will come up next. and they are unveiling the latest projects. >> plus the nationwide sweep which ended with several
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children being rescued from the streets. good morning northbound and southbound 101 marin county looking good. we will tell you about the morning commute.
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. welcome back time now 5:11, in an exclusive video richmond police allowed us to ride along on their sting.
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they arrested six juveniles ranging in age from 13 to 17 were rescued from the streets. >> it netted 22 arrests in just a few hours quite frankly in fact one of the -- one of the prostitutes was actually working out of the hotel we were doing the operation in coincidentally. >> all of the children rescued were taken into protective custody and given resources to keep them off the streets. >> lawyers for jerry sandusky said he was on up effective counsel, he is now on suicide
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watch. and arizona's immigration law has a lot of people concerned right now. allison burns is in our washington d.c. newsroom with a debate that is really on fire in washington, allison? >> reporter: the fear is dave the court gave the green light for racial profiling and they left in place a provision that requires local police check the immigration status of anybody they detain. they say the checks are needed. >> i am not going to violate any constitutional rights. i have dedicated deputies who know what they are doing. >> reporter: and one presidential candidate, mitt romney, calling on him to denounce it, more on the presidential race and the wait
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for the healthcare ruling in about an hour. allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> and struck down in prison without the possibility of parole for juveniles. 28 states have such laws but california does not. it limits corporate campaign spending and they declared it unconstitutional. that reaffirms the 2010 decision which allows unions to spend as much money as they want for fundraising. after attending a fund raiser in boston, they are determined to out spend democrats heading
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into to area. he will speak at an event and the company sells leases and services heavy equipment for the sole inn -- coal industry. zing go will unveil its latest game and the first word game will be unveiled which is a preview of the next generation. more people are switching to playing games on their mobile devices. they are giving away passes for eight days in san francisco today. the passes will be given out from noontime until 2:00 p.m. at the bay terminal in san francisco. now only new riders will be
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eligible for these passes. but it will go through july 3rd. >> we will check in on traffic, here it is, sal. like a lot of us, let's go out and take a look at it. 101 looks good getting up to the 880 split it is crowded for sure but it is not it is not -- but it is not stop and go. fremont is doing well and 880 to panola looks good as well. water temperatures are very
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cold, in fact fairlawn, bodega bay, it is the gold defendant in years. that fog can just come like that. as we start warming up, the low is responsible for the big cool down and i am hard pressed to find too much still a westerly breeze from santa rosa to fso, even san jose, through the delta. 45, santa rosa, fairfield, ukiah set a record of 41 and stock man went down to 41. if ukiah and other areas have lows it is really cool. also 41 in scott valley and there have been very chilly readings. nobody is talking about it but
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i am. very low towards the area, but breezy at times, game 2 look breezy unclear skies but i don't think it will be back. 80s in fairlawn, antioch brentwood caster valley martinez 75, 75 milpitas, santa cruz that is the spirit, woodside 75. warmer weather inland on thursday and after that it looks like another low with a cooling trends kicks in. they became concerned when spain formally asked for a loan and they are losing hope they will come up with a solution
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all that causing stocks to falure rob and overnight in asia. checking in on wall street, forget about europe, we have our own problems, especially with the job market, dow jones industrial average down 1 8 points -- 138 points and the nasdaq is also slipping. right now it is showing a problem, they are a social networking service but for the business world. they took an unexpected turn, we will tell you about a yearlong project that has been wiped clean. there are plenty of things that can go wrong at a wedding, hear what happens when they take the plunge. traffic is moving nicely in and out of marin county, we
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. he this talked about taking the plunge, a newly wed took
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the plunge sending them all into the lake. it happened in the town of shelbyville and now the couple is enjoying their honey moon. and at paul revere elementary school, they are scheduled to have a conference on dui charges. prosecutors say she sideswiped two vehicles on the golden gate bridge and they said she did not stop after the accident and failed a sobriety test after she was pulled over. they are trying to create a mural after campus renovations went too far. this is it, it took a year and a half to plan and paint but recently workers who were
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sprucing up mistakenly painted over the mural. it was obviously a mistake, i think people realize dollars that quickly and it was disappointing because a lot of students worked on this mural. >> they are going to recreate the mural and students in the community have already offered to help. hoist junior died at the age of 84, he died of application cakes related to a stroke. he was the grandson of the man who launched the media. he owns the san francisco chronicle. he most recently served as the chairman of the board for the corporation. for may food trucks will
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take place on tell graft avenue. it will happen from 5:00 to 9:00 at night. >> you are making me hungry, pam. >> sal will get you where you need to go on time, safely. >> we are trying to anyway, dave, pam, good morning. take a look at 880, we'll see just a little bit of traffic getting up to highway seven and you will not see anything that is unusual in the area and traffic looks good heading to the south bay and we are looking good all the way to the bottom of the hill and no problems coming out of the tracy area and livermore all she indeed let's go back to the desk. we are following fire
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crews, crew still battling and people are preparing to flee from all of the rising waters. ♪ ♪ ♪
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. good morning, thank you for joining us, it is 5:30, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. the north bay seems to be running close with mid-to-upper 40s and that which is responsible for our low, temperatures will warmup inland and 60s by the coast, here is sal. traffic is moving a long pretty well if you are driving on walnut creek in oakland. also if you are driving northbound 280 right through san jose, traffic looks good as well. breaking news in the east bay, firefighters at a house fire in oakland. alex savage just arrived at the scene, alex? >> reporter: well this is a serious house fire at the
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intersection of oakland which broke out 4:30 this morning sending two people to the hospital -- [inaudible] [ technical difficulties, stand by ] they are trying to figure out what started this fire. paramedics and firefighters --... [ technical difficulties, stand by ] [inaudible] >> they were transported to the hospital in critical condition and we are waiting for more words on their condition, firefighters knocked this down fairly quickly two men inside were sent to the hospital this morning. oakland fire, what does this -- did this fire look like when you arrived this morning? >> [inaudible] [ technical difficulties, stand by ] all right we are having some problems and we will check
5:31 am
back in with alex but we have problems out of san francisco where police will continue to search in the bay for a missing man. allie rasmus joins us now with more on what happened and why police think he is in the water, allie? >> reporter: we think that search may be getting in the way and we saw a san francisco patrol car and you can see the vehicles down at the edge of the pier. they are looking for a man who went missing after last night's giants' game and police think he was walking along this area where we are right now. right now we have peers 30 and 32 in the distance you can see a police patrol car parked at the end of the pier and we are told the coast guard will get involved in this search as
5:32 am
well. last night police searched the water for several hours and their search was unsuccessful last night. there you see another police patrol car driving towards the end and it appears now that things are getting lighter out, police are resuming their search efforts again looking for the man who went missing after last night agreement game and we will bring you more on this developing story. time now 5:33 it is an area well-known to bay me i can loves -- music lovers. it burned less than an acre near a homeless camp. they believe somebody in the camp may have started this fire. it is the accept of many popular outdoor festival but
5:33 am
the fire did not burn the concert stage or cause any other structural damage. arsonists are called and three homes were burned within minutes of each other. tara moriarty is out there right now with the latest, good morning, tara. >> reporter: we are here at the scene and it took us about 15 minutes to get here from the other area which was 15 minutes and that's roughly the same amount of time so whether at the same person could be responsible for all of this, seems possible but that's something the fire department will have to figure out. the fire started and 14
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firefighters fought the fire. after this fire another one cropped up and the source was a garbage can. four people were forced out of the build willing and with in 15 minutes another fire happened around the corner on koy drive also started in a garbage can. it sent many people running for safety. pg&e had to pinch the bass did line. red cross is helping people find places to stay and they are looking to see if all three of these fires are connected. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a young man is fighting for his life following an accident on a busy san jose roadway. police say a car hit him shortly after 10:00 last night. he is now listed in critical
5:35 am
condition. it is not clear if he was walking in across walk. right now he is cooperating with investigators and there is still no word. they crashed into the liquor store at 3:30 this morning. one person inside the car was rushed to the hospital and the other is on the run. they are trying to figure out if the person who was injured was the driver or the passenger. tropical storm debbie is pounding the gulf coast with heavy rain and windows. the power has been knocked out to 35 hopes and businesses in the tampa bay area and residents are getting ready to evacuate as floodwaters rise and sink holes open up. >> we have friends and they
5:36 am
tell us we are okay for knew but to be on standby. they are plamed for white spread dam. the eye of the storm is getting ready to make landfall. today nato lead ters called documenting and condemned it in the strongest terms. now the search continues and expressed solidarity but made no it mention of retaliation. stockton will take a big step to file for bankruptcy. they will look into whether
5:37 am
they just incase have to file and avoid bankruptcy. it has been private so we don't know if they were successful. they will file as early as tomorrow if they decide to do some of the neighbors are staying not so fast, the reason they concerned about the proposed waterfront arena. and dodger fans, making sure people remain civil and they will be in the parking lots for the next two days using the strategies for the new york's giants' game brian stow outside dodgers' stadium. officers will detain fans or kick them out if they cause
5:38 am
problems. no problems were reported last night when they were shutout last night and the teams play again tonight and tomorrow. the video was posted on you tube and seriously it got out of hand when bear was beer was involved. and you can get this sent straight to your phone at 6:00 a.m. you can get your wake-up call by texting the word wake up to 70123 and you will hear this really nice voice, dave clark, on your phone waking you up telling you what was happening.
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>> dave looks surprised. you can hear this really nice voice. by the way pam, i just sent a tweet you might be interested in, i know you will be check out my timeline pam cook. and traffic will be a little bit slower at the bay bridge toll plaza than it was just a few minutes ago and it is not really that bad, so without stopping, some cash pairs are beginning to line up. san francisco is doing well into the downtown exits. as we move to contra costa county, construction zone still looks good and bay point concord and walnut creek funnel and richmond is off to a nice
5:40 am
start, 40:00 let's go -- 5:40 let's go to steve. we have a warmer pattern, and there it goes right there. it has been blazing hot in other parts of the country and denver was 10:5, that ties a record going back and that's cooking. also down into texas, the rain down in from tropical storm debbie, it has been really cool really cool, on sunday stockton set a record low of 49. today by the coast, sunny and breezy and i can't find much only off the san mateo coast. it will be warmer inland and we still have a component of a
5:41 am
westerly breeze but high pressure is building in slightly, it tonight take long we will fit into the mid-and upper 80s for some. still that westerly breeze for some. 45, narrows is a -- santa rosa each fairfield, here comes another little system, while we warm up a little bit, i don't think the water will warmup, clear lake, napa, 76, 80 pittsburgh, walnut creek, still slightly below average, hayward 21, santa cruz looks food,
5:42 am
dodgers game two, looks good, mostly clear, a little breezy, not too bad. then a little cool town, especially popping up and the safety coming from upcoming 4th of july celebrations. >> also one person may still be alive, the protest that led rescuers to resume that search. and so far so good for the redwood area, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the pay area weather.
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. well, it is dark out but we will have 50s 60s and 70s. right now 5:44 as we speak crews are at this house in oakland and the fire started at about 4:30 this morning. you can see firefighters were busy and two people were rushed to the hospital but we don't know their conditions right now. alex savage is there and he will bring us a live update in about 15 minutes. right here police are searching for a man missing in the pay. they just left last night's giant's game when he fell into the water at pier 32. we will give you a live update of what is happening.
5:46 am
and three fires, they want to know if it was the work of an arsonist. it broke out at a home, at a complex and at an apartment. many people were forced from their homes as a result. and rescuers are searching the collapsed mall after protesters said nobody should be abandoned. the rescue was called off over fears of another collapse. one death has been confirmed from saturday morning's collapse in ontario and the building was reportedly in need of repairs and there were previous complaints of water leaks. they are threatening hundreds of homes. they have destroyed as many as 30 structures and three more
5:47 am
homes are threatened. a fast moving fire has forced people to move out from colorado it is one of seven wildfires across the state and there could be more before all of them are extinguished. people from all over the bay area are getting ready to celebrate and several will start selling fireworks. some of them burn up to $10,000. however firefighters are warning when they are not used properly they can cause fires and injuries. it is a holiday we have all grown up with and it is part of who we are but we want them to do it safely. >> it toes not mean you can use
5:48 am
them where you live, including didn't lynn, pacifica and gilroy. not everybody is happy about the golden state warriors building a new arena. the neighborhood association said, they already deal with the affects of a neighborhood park. they are saying it could cause traffic concerns. they will be built on top of the basketball games. they say if there are better options they should be looked at and they want to be kept involved. lawmakers are preparing to vote tomorrow, they are still ahead of the vote. governor jerry brown gives top
5:49 am
billing to bonds including initiatives. sal, let's get folks where they need to go. how is it looking? >> for the most part traffic is pulling up and let's go outside and take a look at what we have, 237, certainly not a huge delay and right here it looks good, you may want to jump ahead and this is not one of the west when it comes to traffic. most of the road work has been picked up so you can still looking at the traffic which looks good heading to oakland. cool again, not as cool as yesterday morning but it is cool in the north bay and santa cruz mountains and temperatures
5:50 am
were cool which is finally moving out of the pictures. sunny breezyzy. warmer inland 70s and very low 80s and we have been 10 to 15 degrees below average so we will get closer to average over the next day or two. for fairfield, right at 50. oakland 54, it is up in the middle of the ridge which is right over the country, still it will keep us and weak high pressure begins. and -- 72 vallejo, fairfield 80, temperatures 70s for some, upper 70s to very low 80s
5:51 am
especially towards brentwood, caster valley at 74, 77 book ends, fell roy 81 and then mill bread and mount tape view at 4. it moves pack and that will mean a cooling trends for the upcoming weekend. ceo page has lost his voice. he will not be speaking at the event and he will also miss the quarterly earnings. he said his condition is not serious put it is causing a big
5:52 am
bus. they may separate the log which is part of the company with the movie and television networks. and she is now the first woman to join, she joined facebook four years ago and is now commander of the company and mark zuckerberg calls her a success. mark zuckerberg has been criticized for lack of women on its board. you know that perfect name for the giants, well he will get something special tonight against the dodgers. plus, what washed ashore and the reason why.
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. overall it will be warmer for some 60s and 70s and 80s. a caucus of a dead whale washed up and is raising some questions about some big boats. biologists say it was killed after being hit by ship on the fairlawn island. >> there are cruise boats in
5:56 am
different areas and i'm not sure but it would be very sad if that will be an occurrence here. >> the whale was probably in the area feeding and never noticed that ship. also a body found off the sonoma coast -- sonoma coast, andrew fell from bodega head, and two day search found no trace of him. they found the body about a half mile from bodega head while a man was fishing. and some of the students on for profit schools have a problem paying loans because they can't get a job. it is 14,000 dollars and the education department is threatening to cut off access at aid at schools that don't
5:57 am
improve. matt cain will receive a special honor tonight. two weeks ago, he pitched a perfect game and now mayor ed lee will be presented with a special key. >> let's quickly check in with sal. >> i didn't think he was going to make it. >> he fired it up. >> okay good morning everybody, let's look at what we have, the traffic still looks good on northbound 280 getting up to 880, not a bad commute, also on northbound that traffic is moving a long nicely, at 515, they are looking into what happened to a map who disappeared after last night's
5:58 am
game. good morning, we have your forecasted highs in about two minutes.
5:59 am